WV Holiday Gift Guide Part 1

Ok so I have been slowly gathering items for this gift guide over the past month and now that I am looking at it, this could definitely be my own holiday wish list! Take a look at some of these goodies.


1. For you DIY-ers these fabulous candy cane marshmallows would make the sweetest gift! and they are of course from my absolute favorite, Cannelle et Vanille. How I would LOVE to enjoy these with a large cup of hot cocoa right about now!  2. This Burts Bees lip balm with pomegranate oil is my all time favorite. It has the subtlest tint and feels fabulous!  3. I absolutely adore these bags made from vintage burlap. They are handmade by local crafts-women in the Yucatan. What a perfect gift this would make.  4. I can’t get over these GENIUS glass “Tap Water”, water bottles. In an effort to curb the use of plastic bottles for both environmental and health reasons this company has created this beautifully designed glass water bottle for you to carry your water in. It’s so gorgeous I think I need one of these immediately! Fabulous!


5. I adore these tins of loose leaf tea from Damn Fine Tea. The design is too beautiful. 6. How perfect is this handmade beer soap from etsy. The best part is they make soap from all different beers so you can get just the right soap for each recipient!  7. How funny is this embroidered beauty. I definitely have a few people on my gift list that would LOVE this! Brilliant.

Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 of the gift guide!