Let them eat cake!

Ok so I have a huge obsession with Ladurée macaroons. Ever since clients of mine brought me a box home from their honeymoon in Paris I have had a major weakness for these light and airy, delicious masterpieces. I was on their website the other day and became insanely inspired by their storefronts. The decor, details and the brilliance is so amazing I want to transform this into a wedding immediately. It’s very Marie Antoinette with a touch of whimsy.


Talk about Parisian chic! And these last few photos are from the brand new Ladurée Bar opening soon. How fabulous is that!? Macaroon cocktail please! Talk about a signature cocktail…so in love!


More macaroon chicness! Do you not want to fly to Paris immediately for some macaroon cocktails!? Sigh…


And these last few pictures are the perfect addition to this look. First of all those swarovski crystal Jimmy Choo’s are just too perfect! photo via the fabulous Bear Flag Farm. I adore this shot of with those oversize cupcakes and pink tulle!! via Emily McGregor. Can you just see the flower girls carrying macaroon bouquets?! Too much?…I think not! via Casa Sugar. And lastly a mirror of pink tulle also Emily McGregor.