Halloween Inspired

I am feeling very halloween inspired lately, and not in the traditional orange and black/pumpkin/candy corn way, but more of a dark and moody, red and black, Twilight way. You feel me?


Think cobweb covered deep red florals, blood red cocktails, and quirky fun details. Images from top {Twilight photo from here; cobweb covered florals via Martha Stewart; deep red floral wreath via Martha Stewart; my new fascination, Prometheuss Elixers, dying to make cocktails from these healthy elixers; absolutely loving these old victorian booklets via Bazaarium; poison wine display via Martha Stewart; these genius Candle Strips via Design Glut}


{Twilight photo from here; a gorgeous dessert table by the amazing Amy Atlas ; bleeding candles via Martha Stewart; Skull/Bad Ass birthday party imprintables via Wiley Valentine; glowing bar via Martha Stewart; more elixers from Prometheuss Elixers}