Cape Cod Adventures

So as you may have noticed, when I travel I tend to take lots and lots of pictures…it took a while but here is a collection of them I think you might enjoy. They certainly have inspired me. I am dying to create some super preppy invites or cards with just the slightly hint of whimsy or quirkiness!


There is something so fabulous about the east coast, and especially the Cape Cod area. I could not get enough of the cape cod style houses, boats, hydrangeas and the water of course.


We took the ferry over to Nantucket for the day and wow! I am so in love with this area it’s not ¬†even funny. I mean the cobblestone streets, the adorable little shops and gorgeous houses…LOVE LOVE LOVE! Some highlights include a fabulous St. Germain Margarita from Brant Point Grill, perusing fabulous boutiques, and this to die for Lobster Roll we enjoyed outside at Even Keel Cafe.


I really adore the food on the Cape. Seafood is my favorite and I definitely indulged in it here, from Clams, to Lobster, oysters and oh more lobster! I adored shopping at the little farm stands here, and getting the seafood so fresh from the tiny local fish markets. We made a little clam bake at the house one night and even enjoyed fresh oysters that we got from the bay just outside the house and enjoyed them as a midnight snack!! Heaven. Make sure to check Couture Eats this week for some cape cod inspired recipes!