Engagement Shoot Inspired

I am really loving the new and unique ways couples + photographers are coming up with to create these fun, whimsical engagement shoots. It seems there is a definite trend towards trying to capture the essence of the couple in the engagement shoot and I must say its brilliant! I would love to see the shoot inspire the invites and then inspire the wedding itself! So fun! Here are a few of my favorites…


I have always had this obsession with the Vegas Neon Sign Bone Yard, and I am dying to take photos there. This engagement shoot there is just utter genius! They make such gorgeous photos! These are via Yvette Roman Photography. The rest are via He and She photography. How brilliant is the “Be the change” shot…love that!


The top two photos are via Birdsong photography. How great is the orange photo!? The next two acrobatic inspired shots are via Kate Harrison Photography, so fun! Seriously in love with this bath tub shot via Rebecca-Linh Rodgers. The last photos are via Tiny Water Photography. How great is that car with the plants growing out of the hood! Wow!


These last photos are via Max Wagner. Now I would say Max Wagner is a true trend setter in photography and especially engagement shoots. Do balloons ring a bell!? These are so great and I especially heart the ring pop shots. LOVE LOVE LOVE the ring pop!!