Bridesmaid Heirloom Gifts

They stand next to you as you take your vows, they listen to you panic when details go awry, they wear the dresses you ask them to wear even if they secretly hate them…you’re bridesmaids deserve something beautiful don’t you think? That’s where Studio Suzan comes in. Her new line of gorgeous handmade jewelry, Sentiments, is the perfect bridesmaid, flower girl or mother of the bride gift. And the best part…prices start at $65!! When you see her work in person you will know what a steal that is!


As you can see from these photos Suzan’s work is stunning. She uses silver, gold, freshwater and tahitian pearls. Oh and did I mention it’s all HANDMADE!! Love that! What I love about her work is that it’s distinctive but classic at the same time. Something you would pass down from generation to generation. I have the pleasure of owning two of her necklaces and I seriously wear them every day, I am so in love. I think that Bridesmaid jewelry has had a bad rap because of the lack of quality pieces out there…until now!


Some unique things that Suzan does are her book pages necklaces, literally gold or silver “pages” that are hand engraved with a story or poem! She also has some great monogram hand engraved pieces that I just adore. What makes Suzan’s work so special and beautiful is that she is living her dream. I truly believe that the most beautiful pieces of art are made from a person’s true passion, and that is absolutely evident in Suzan’s work. She is a true inspiration. Her story, from surviving her mother’s suicide when she was three, to living with depression and unhappiness, she went back to her true passion at the age of 41, to start Studio Suzan. Going back to the craft her father taught her, jewelry making, she found peace and happiness. She loves to help and connect with women through her jewelry which is such a beautiful thing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. For order information call 800.742.6750 or email