Green Box Genius

While we are still unpacking and getting things situated I thought I would share with you something new we tried for our move. We contacted Earth Friendly Moving, and used their “rent a green box” program to move our entire office. It’s such a brilliant idea and reduces all moving waste. Instead of buying cardboard boxes, paper, bubble wrap etc…you simply rent these green boxes. Rent a Green Box delivers your green boxes to your doorstep, then several weeks later, after the move, they come to the new location and pick them up! Voila no wasted cardboard! We were so thrilled with this idea and couldn’t wait to try it out. Everyone we dealt with was super helpful and friendly. Below are some photos of our experience..


Stay tuned for pics of the new office. We are still unpacking and doing some fix up work but as soon as its ready I will share. Have a great fourth of July!!