Summer Snowcones

With summer so near I thought this would be the perfect thing to get you prepared for the heat. My snow cone love started with a post I read on Design Sponge a while back about Fresher than Fresh. It’s the story of a girl with a love for food who started her own organic snow cone company that she serves out of an adorable 1957 shasta trailer. What makes her snow cones unique is that she only uses fresh organic ingredients and the flavors are things like “Blackberry Lavender; Watermelon Basil; Ginger Rose”.


These beautiful photos are by the very talented Sara Farrar.

This got me thinking about the best shave ice I ever had in Hawaii at Matsumoto. Then as I was reading the new Instyle magazine I was so excited to see a recipe shared by the new “It” hotel, Ace Hotel, Palm Springs. I have included it below. They serve spiked snow cones there! How cool is that? What a unique idea to have a snow cone bar at a wedding. I am loving this idea and very excited to try some recipes of my own.