The Best Bridesmaid Dress

During my recent trip to Hawaii I purchased a wrap dress from one of those free standing boutique booths. The adorable sales girl wrapped it a bunch of different ways on me and said I could wear the dress a hundred different ways! She gave me a website to look up with instructional videos so I could learn the different ways to wrap the dress…reality : I find that the website does not exist, and I cannot find a good video anywhere! I was so bummed so when I stumbled across butter by nadia, I was so excited! These dresses¬†are so beautifully made, and they actually do have videos that show you how to do the different wraps!


The array of colors available makes these the perfect solution for a bridesmaid dress. I love the idea of having different bridesmaid dresses for the different bridesmaids, however this can sometimes end up looking messy or not very cohesive. With these dresses being the same dress but offering different ways to wear it, its perfect! So in love with these…