Things I heart right now

Here is a collection of things I can’t get enough of lately:


this fabulous photo by Tim Evan Cook of BALLET SHOES; this photo of EFFORTLESS GLAMOUR by Phil Poynter; this photo of  vintage cotton and a fabulous CROCHET NECKLACE by Angela Spencers (its only $36!!); the new BOOTS SKIN CARE LINE available at Target, fashioned from perusing the old Boots archives, using original formulas and packaged in vintage looking bottles; WEDDINGS INSPIRED BY FAIRIES photo from the fabulous Elizabeth Messina; a CHAMPAGNE + PIZZA + CUPCAKE PICNIC photo by Tim Evan Cook; this ANYONE CAN BE AN ARTIST IN A GALLERY project, simply order your kit for $40 and return the  6″ x 6″ canvas complete with your masterpiece, the fabulous folks from Charmingwall will display it in an east side gallery complete with a 80/20 sales split, you get 80%. What a fun idea, I just might have to participate!!