Custom Built Burgers

Recently I had the pleasure of eating at the new burger hot spot, The Counter. The concept of “custom built burgers” is really brilliant. Upon arrival you are given a clip board with a fill-in sheet that guides you through the custom burger process. For those that like it done for them, there are several brilliantly put together “custom” burgers to choose from. But really the build-your-own is where all the fun is if you ask me! Here are some highlights that The Counter has to offer: a brilliant wine list including my favorite chardonnay (Louis Jadot), amazing fine quality beers on tap including my favorite belgian brew (Hoegaarden), the beef is from Meyers Ranch in Montana, the very first ranch to receive the Certified Humane stamp, the burger,topping & shake of the month allowing for a creative and dynamic menu, oh and you can order your burger in a bowl (over mixed greens). 


Check out the trio (fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings) and the garlic aioli that accompanied my burger! The staff is super friendly and knowledgable, and the place definitely has a cool vibe. This is a must visit. They seem to have a ton in California but I noticed there quite a few locations throughout the country. See if there is one by you! I visited the one in Irvine, CA.