Mark Ryden

If you haven’t seen Mark Ryden’s work before its really a must see. I could get lost for hours looking at his work. It’s the type where you look and every time you look you see something different. I love this description of his work: “Viewers are initially drawn in by the comforting beauty of Ryden’s pop-culture references, then challenged by their circumstances, and finally transported to the artist’s final intent – a world where creatures speak from a place of childlike honesty about the state of mankind and our relationships with ourselves, each other and our past.” Brilliant!


And I am absolutely loving his “Tree Show” series. Check out this book that shows the entire process of his work, artist comments, and tons of yummy images. 


I am so in love with the fairy tale gone dark imagery and the way he draws you in and then challenges you with his political/cultural statements! Hope you enjoy!