Wedding Day Art

I have always had a love for collage. Growing up I used to take all of my mothers old magazines and create collages on old cigar boxes or anything I could find really. I am also a huge fan of the super talented Heather Gilson at One Love Photo. She has such a unique and beautiful style that is all her own! So when I saw her mixed media piece she featured on her blog the other day I was overwhelmed. Then I started to look into her pieces she makes for couples, as a piece of art to remember their wedding day and I am officially in love! 


Heather uses her photos, fabric, jewels, and other treasures then seals it with beeswax! These are such pieces of art and really not too pricey for something custom that you will cherish forever. 


These two above are my absolute favorite!! I would love to see one of these done with some of the couple’s invitation style incorporated. Maybe a custom monogram we designed for them? So fun!