Vintage Inspired Photography

I came across One Love Photography the other day while perusing some blogs, and I was smitten. Her sense of style is so unique and addicting! I love that she is kind of the anti-of traditional wedding photography, yet she has this definitely vintage, antiqued look. So fun! Here are a few of my favorites…


I had also flagged some great etsy photographers with a similar aesthetic a while back. Then on my daily design sponge read I noticed she had featured one of them (Gary Heller), and that reminded me of how much I love love love this style. 


You can purchase Gary Heller’s prints on etsy for $29!! His photos of birds are especially unique and fascinating. I would love to have these hanging in my house! So etherial!


These prints by Bueller Photography capture the essence of coastal imagery with that perfect vintage vibe, so great! How amazing is that sea star!!


Bucks County Frame and Moulding Co. had some great prints. I am loving that dandelion! And definitely check out their eco-friendly frames! Very cool!