Abbot Kinney First Friday

abbotkinney1Emily and I attended Audrey’s fabulous “Saturday morning” themed soirée this past Friday as part of Abbot Kinney’s First Friday events. Complete with cereal and toppings provided by Flake Cereal Bar, OJ, coffee, cartoons and atari! The shop is so amazing, and stocked with the greatest in paper products!


It was fun seeing some of our products on display at Urbanic. Check out our anniversary card and Party Planes letterpress fill ins. Audrey has such a great eye, it was so fun perusing the store filled with the best paper products!


The party spilled over into  Neighborhood, next door, Urbanic’s sister shop , which has an amazing selection of jewelry, boutique labels, and adorables for the kiddies. A must visit on the Abbot Kinney row.