Signature Scent

I have always had a fascination with scents, and finding a signature scent. When I received my package in the mail from Meredith at Sweet Anthem Handmade Perfumes, I was overjoyed! One of the things that makes Sweet Anthem so special is that Meredith crafts each scent as a tribute to women, fictional, famous or close friends. This makes each one so special and unique!

The other thing I love is that you can order very affordable ($2.50) tiny vials of different scents and test them out before committing to the larger size (still only $10!!). I love the idea of layering different scents together and customizing your personal scent even more. This is the perfect way to do so. Just order a sampling of vials, mix until you have found the scent that speaks to you, then order away! 

Now of course I did have a few favorites in the mix : {Anita} which included such scents as peppermint, pink sugar, turkish mocha and vanilla  {Vicky} which was a blend of almond, cinnamon and sweet orange, bringing to mind the cold winter season, and last but not least {Leslie} which included hints of grapefruit, leather, sea moss and yuzu. Leslie had a very clean scent to me, which I absolutely adore! It seems very romantic to me for brides to create a signature scent to wear on their wedding day. This way each time she wears the scent, it will bring to mind fond memories of that special day! Make sure to check out Meredith’s amazing site where the perfumes are available for purchase.