Floral Love {part one}

While I would love to say that we fill our studio with fresh flowers daily, that may not be entirely truthful. However in preparation for a photo shoot (more on that later) Emily literally filled the studio with floral arrangements. They were stunning and really create such a peaceful, beautiful atmosphere to work in. We are constantly inspired by florals, so I thought I would share some of the photos I took of the flowers alongside some of our floral inspired work. I got photo happy (what’s new) so this is part one. Enjoy!

Many times brides will want to incorporate the florals that they will use in their bouquets, on their invitations as well. I think its a fun, unexpected way to tie it all in, and create a look and feel for the event. 

{1} Meghan collection, Bridal Album  {2} Happy Mothers Day, Folded Greeting               {3} Bridal Shower, Letterpress Fill In