Vintage Hardware Inspires

There is a the coolest hardware store, New York Hardware, nestled just next to Normandy Metal Refinishers. I took a little trip there and was amazed by the amount of inspiration that can come from vintage hardware! Who knew!

Michelle, the store owner, has these old hardware displays that are just absolutely to die for! Check out the brightly colored handles and the fun logo. Also she has bins of these vintage pulls that are all so different! I love the eclectic feel.

There was this great piece of furniture with little cubbies, inside were these great metal numbers. I loved the look of the display! It made me want to create a card featuring just numbers! Now my absolute favorite thing in the entire store was this vintage school door handle. It reads Public School of New York, the typography and design is amazing! This could absolutely be transformed into a letterpress wedding invitation.

I absolutely love all the old jars that line the walls with vintage finds! So cool. The details on these pulls are so decorative and ornate I wanted to go straight back to the office and create some matching invitations!