Books with a Past Life

I stumbled across the most amazing handmade journals by The Blackspot Books  the other day while perusing etsy. I am absolutely smitten. There is something so completely magical and unique about a book made from old leather, each with it’s own story. Like the book shown below made from an antique doctor’s bag. The way Margaux describes each book makes them feel so special, like they are little creatures she is setting free in to the world. She describes the doctor’s bag book as “A perfect size and shape, a bit wobbly, but will likely shape up when in a constant place. They all need a bit of love and will conform to you!”. She fills each book with line free acid free paper that she hand tears for those fabulous organic edges.

I really can’t get enough, I already have made lot’s of excuses why I need a ton of her books. I love that she can make them with a wider spine to compensate for you if like to glue scraps and treasures in to your book. She also makes these teeny tiny books. The one below is a hardbound book covered in french text from 1749. I mean seriously how utterly amazing!

Since Valentines Day is coming up, and as always I prefer some sort of handmade gift, I think one of these books would be the ultimate gift. Once you receive the book fill it with your favorite love quotes and give it to your love! I adore this idea so much. See another excuse!

If you are interested in how Margaux makes her amazing books watch this video on etsy.