Vintage Treasures

There is the most amazing shop called Normandy, located just around the corner from our studio, and I JUST visited it for the first time the other day. They specialize in antiques, and metal refinishing and the place is jam packed with inspirational delights. 

For example this spinning chest of tiny drawers above. I adore the different typography treatments, which are different on each drawer. How amazing!!

I was absolutely smitten with these vintage suitcases. Check out the matching vanity case with the mirror! The wheel of fortune was super cool, and there was this art deco looking waste bin (I assume that is what it is). The art deco designs would look fabulous on some cards or wedding invitations.

As I was leaving the shop I noticed the ceiling. They have hung just about everything up there from pots and pans, to chandeliers, to vases. Such a clever idea!