Swarovski Ornament DIY

Wendy, Emily’s mother and daughter of Mary Wiley, is one of the most talented women I know. Not only does she do wedding flowers, make jewelry, and sew up a storm, but she also makes the most gorgeous ornaments. Her entire christmas tree is covered in these handmade ornaments and it is really quite breathtaking. I thought it would be a fun post for those of you feeling crafty. If you are lucky enough to grab up glass ornaments like these at after Christmas sales (perfect for right now). Once you have your ornament you want to get crystals in coordinating colors and glue all over the ornament. Wendy has a spectacular collection of swarovski crystals, but you can start with one design and try a few colors.

I am lucky enough to receive one of my very own ornaments from Wendy each year. Here they are as they appeared on my tree. The fairy ornament is of course my absolute favorite!! The birdhouse ornament (bottom) is the one she gave me this year. She was inspired by our Hanson holiday card, which has birds in the corners. Happy jeweling!