Elderflower Power

We are huge fans of St. Germain at the WV. It’s a liqueur made from elderflower. A friend of Emily’s first told us of it, but as soon as we saw the packaging we were smitten. They really have some of the most beautiful, detailed packaging and graphics. Each bottle even comes with a tiny book of recipes, that is equally as amazing. We became “charter members” of St. Germain (just sign up for free on their website). To our delight just before New Years, we received these so very vintage, almost circus/pin up girl inspired, party hats. They feature vintage pin up girl style photography, and the way the hat folds and comes together is so clever. One side has die cut panels revealing only the heads of the girls in the photos. It arrived flat, with recipes on the scrap part of the punch out. So cool!! St. Germain continues to inspire us graphically. 

Below is an expanded version of the tiny booklet adorning each bottle. I received this recipe book with the holiday gift set. It includes the history of the company, and elderflower liqueur in general along with fun recipes. The book begins : “In the foothils of the Alps, for but a few fleeting spring days, this man will gather wild blossoms for your cocktail.” placed next to a photo of a man plucking the elderflowers and placing them in a satchel he carries. So romantic! Cheers!