Pretty Please?

Well it has definitely crept up on me! Christmas + Hannuka are almost here. With that on the brain I have put together a wish list. Maybe these will inspire your last minute gifts. {1} Letterpress Wood Type Large: Pick-A-Number. These would look so great around the studio!  {2} Knitted Coffee Sleeves. They are cotton cable knit, and look so cozy!  {3} Shrinky Dink Sheets look like so much fun! I want to have a shrinky dink party! And this Ready Made – How to Make Almost Everything book looks amazing. DIY to last a lifetime (almost).  {4} Honey Flight for Cheese. Each honey flavor, like blueberry honey, has a suggested cheese pairing!  {5} Connoisseur Cheese Club. You receive 4 different types of cheese + an accompaniment each month! That is my dream come true! And how perfect to enjoy with the Honey Flight.{6}  Dulce de Leche Heels. These are so unique, and a must have. The bonus, they are only $39.99!!  {7} Mario Mandala Colouring Book. This reminds me of a coloring book of kaleidoscope patterns I had when I was little. This makes me want to dig up all my colored pens and markers and color under a tree!  {8} Sweet Anthem handmade perfumes. It seems I have always been searching for a signature scent. These tiny viles are 4 for $4 so you can try them out, mix them up and create your signature scent so affordably!  {9} Kelly Tunstall artwork. I have been wanting some of Kelly’s artwork for years now. She just has such a unique look, and its so whimsical!  {10} Dior Sylphlike Art Deco Cabaret Ring. Wow! It totally looks like I inherited this from my great grandmother.  {11} Stella Mcartney for Adidas. This reminds me of my dancing days. I would love to twirl around in these!!!