Stamp Love

My husband inherited a stamp collection a while back, which he added to his existing collection. I could not believe how much inspiration was in there! I think I was more excited about it than he was. They are like tiny pieces of artwork!

It’s so fun to see all the detail that went into something so small. The tiny little drawings, banners, and type. 

This particular grouping is so unique with the fun die cuts & brilliant colors. They have almost an Andy Warhol quality with the same stamps shown in different bright color schemes. These are ones I would love to frame. Who knew stamps could be so exciting!

As I was preparing this post I received an invitation for my college girlfriend’s wedding, and what amazing use of vintage stamps! Her fiancé serves in the military, so the stamps had a patriotic theme.  I have seen this done quite a few times in Martha Stewart Weddings, but I had yet to receive an actual invitation like this. Gorgeous! Great job Lizzie!