Vampire Chic

In honor of Twilight the movie premiering today, I have put together a series of inspirations that are utterly vampire chic. If you haven’t heard of Twilight, it’s the teenage vampire book series by Stephanie Meyer that has become an obsession at the WV. I have put together some things that were inspired by the books, and also happened to be utterly gorgeous. Check out this flocked wallpaper, which I covet!  The plushglass lip stain, in “Oversexed” is a favorite at the office. Its the perfect blend of stain, gloss + lip plumper, for that just bitten look. I love these gorgeous black goblets etched with the word poison! The new “Happy Birthday to the Ultimate Bad Girl” WV card adorned with skulls and swirls. Not to mention the utterly sexy fashion shoot the Twilight cast did for Instyle magazine this month. 

These black platforms from Urban Outfitters are amazing and just the right amount of bad-girl. I adore this chandelier wall vinyl, and the black baroque style hand mirror is perfect! Check out the clothes on the cast of Twilight, very vampire chic! Happy Twilight-ing.