Diamonds are a girls best friend

I must say, i am usually not a Tiffany’s girl. But i recently came across the Tiffany’s Blue Book 2008-2009, and i was blown away. The pieces in this catalog are absolutely gorgeous, and at times, museum quality. I hope you will find them as inspiring as I did. (By the way, if you are lucky enough to have gobs and gobs of money, the prices on these items range from $27,000 -$110,000!!, a girl can dream right?)

These diamond pendants were designed with lace in mind. They have mimicked the delicate quality of lace so beautifully, these are truly breath taking!

This bracelet is so amazing! Bamboo details created from diamonds and white gold sitting inside cocobolo wood. Wow!!

I have a certain love for butterfly’s so when i saw this diamond butterfly broach, inspired from Tiffany archives, I fell in love!