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Friday Fun {Vogue Cold Pressed Lemonade}


Happy Friday friends. It has been a couple of crazy busy weeks but I am always grateful for the busy. I couldn’t leave you without some fun things for the weekend. First on my to do list for the weekend is to go to my fave, Pressed Juicery to check out these vibrant Vogue Lemonades…yes please!! I also rounded up some of my favorite finds under $100 featuring my favorite color palette of course. Enjoy!!

Friday Fun {Picture Perfect and Chicken Dishes}


This inspiration to-go is from our last day in Maui last week…we were literally in a postcard…picture perfect for sure. Also I made this chicken dish last night for dinner and it is sooo good! You must try it. Happy Friday!


Wonderland Excitement


Well with these new photos released from the upcoming Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland, I have begun the countdown. Yes I know it isn’t being released until March of next year, but I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. I mean seriously check out these pictures!!!


With this Alice in Wonderland excitement I got to thinking, please let me have a bride that wants a wonderland inspired wedding. I don’t mean cheezy, over the top or costumey, but beautiful chic and whimsical. Think mismatched tea sets, croquet, a mushroom cake, vintage playing cards,  and a beautiful outdoor setting…


photos via {the gorgeous Annie Leibowitz Alice in Wonderland shoot for vogue; the unforgettable Martha Stewart Mushroom cake; croquet from Country Living; flamingos from flickr; lovely bocce ball wedding; vintage playing cards from istock; more from the vogue shoot; more from the Country Living shoot; groomsmen in top hats from getty images.}

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