The Garden Romance Bride

I am so inspired by this color palette for a new custom bride. Here are a few inspirations I put together for her. Ring via Trumpet and Horn

Inspiration to-go {glitter glue fun}

Making a few craft projects with Miss Piper and I caught this pretty moment. Something so magical about it don’t you think? Happy Friday my friends!  

Inspiration to-go {Passionflower}

When I was a child, my great grandfather took me into his emaculately cared for garden and showed me the most beautiful flowers. Among them was the passionflower and ever since then these flowers have always been magical to me. They are so beautiful and I hope they will provide a little inspiration in to […]

Inspiration to-go {mason jar flowers}

My daughter loves collecting flowers from around our yard. She recently has been asking me to put them in water so “they don’t get ruined”. Most of the time they are just little buds, or flower tops, so I floated them in a tiny mason jar and just loved how they looked! Happy Friday my […]

Quote of the Day {the essence of art}

I absolutely love this quote and it could not be more true!

Nautical Chic Bride

Working on some inspirations for a bride right now. Really loving this nautical chic vibe. The fabulous dress above is from Free People.

Virtual Sketchbook {piper’s 3rd bday}

I thought it would be fun to show you exactly what is on my screen right now. A virtual sketchbook of sorts. I am working on Piper’s 3rd birthday party invites. I am still committed to keeping it sort of low key this year. So the invites MAY not be letterpress (we’ll see). It’s so […]

Inspiration to-go {stone fruit color palette}

I snapped this shot of the fruits we ate during our weekly farmers market family picnic last week. Once I looked at the photo it made me want to steal this color palette. Wouldn’t this make the prettiest paper lovely?

Mom Monday {moroccan inspired}

I am working on a project right now and it is all about moroccan baby inspired. Here are a few images I put together for the client. I really love this look for a nursery or even a party theme. How fun would that be!? Images from the top via {gorgeous moroccan tea glasses; the […]

Hot off the Press {elegant whimsy}

The Elegant Whimsy collection is one of my favorites from our new Studio line. But this version we did recently for the fabulous Epitome Papers in Minnesota just takes the cake. The bright pops of color in this fabulous color palette makes this invitation so fun and memorable…don’t you think? The Studio line is a […]