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Natural Tie Dye DIY Results


As promised here are the results of my natural tie dye project. One of the fun things about this was that I involved little miss Piper. She enjoyed watching the fabrics transform into colorful wonders. I will say the beets were the most disappointing. I thought they would be vibrant but the color came out super dull and almost a brown tone. Everywhere I read says to simmer your ingredients for about 1 hour, but I think the beets could have used less time. Next time I am going to try leaving the fabric overnight in the cooled liquid and see how that goes.


My favorite and most successful dyes were the Tumeric blends. I did one with tumeric and orange peels and then one with tumeric and onion skins. The results were vibrant and beautiful. The raspberries were nice, pretty pale, but a nice purple-pink color. Frozen blueberries were pale pink as well. I would LOVE to see your results if you give this a try!

Host a craft party!


My favorite types of parties are always those with a craft involved. Here are some great diy project ideas for your next party. Be it a shower, a birthday or even just for the heck of it!

How fun would it be to go home with some of these fabric pom poms or these brilliant pantone chip magnets! Go old school with these tie dye bags or these gorgeous jersey knit bracelets. In love with those.

It could be as simple as a DIY drink bar, or a blast from the past theme with these friendship bracelets. What a sweet idea for a shower don’t you think!?

Tie Dye inspired


I have very fond childhood memories of tie dying in the summer. It was one of my favorite crafts. So it is much to my delight that there are so many tie dye inspirations out there right now. It’s such a fabulous detail for a wedding, a party, your wardrobe or even your house! Here is a little inspiration to get you started

Photo credits from the top {fabulous dip dye paper cup project on design sponge; fabulously colorful hair tips from Lauren Conrads The Beauty Department; black and white tie dye from Upstate, via Even Cleveland; DIY tie dye tissue paper!! from Honest to Nod, via Oh Happy Day; gorgeous dress via Vogue Fashion Love; classic pink tie dye from Parents Mag; gorgeous  DIY wrapping paper via Martha Stewart. Hope this inspires you to make something gorgeous! xoxo

Mom Monday {Inspired gifts for kids}


When I first spotted these gift kits at Seed People’s Market, I was overwhelmed. Made by Seedling, a company based out of New Zealand, each gift aims to inspire a child and give them something to create.

From creating your own boardgame, to designing a tutu, to making your own kaleidoscope, the options are endless. It’s such a great gift to give your child since it’s also something you can do together. I am a big believer in creating memories with your children, and I truly believe these gift sets would do just that. I cannot wait to get some of these for Piper. The average age starts at 3+. I also love that the recommended age always goes to 100! You are never to old to find your inner child. Check out more of Seedling’s gifts here.

Mom Monday {first birthday inspirations}


I am slightly freaking out as I type this, but we are only months away now from Piper’s first birthday!!! Wow! How does this happen so fast? So I find myself starting to daydream about what I will do for her first birthday party. My first thought is to do something pink, fairy princess like. But if I am being honest, I think at this point in her life she would rather have bright colors and giraffes! So here goes…

The color palette could be pinks and bright oranges…{1} I love the idea of incorporating giraffes, she has one of Sharon Montrose’s baby giraffe prints in her room (plus the fact that she loves Sophie!)  {2} she might need a birthday crown though don’t you think? I love this from Milk Magazine I spotted on Grey likes Baby {3} I would love to create a fabric banner like this one via Project Nursery and include photos of Piper from the beginning…how adorable!?  {4} or something like this? via Dear Lizzy {5} if there is some sort of coloring art project this is the perfect way to display it! via Random Thoughts of a Supermom

{6} picnic inspired food! serve it right out of picnic baskets…maybe provide blankets for kids/families to eat on the grass together? ooh I love this idea! photo via The Sweetest Occasion {7} there will definitely be pom poms and/or confetti system inspired garlands my current obsession as you may have noticed the other day gorgeous photo via Confetti Systems {8} mini pies via Sweet and Saucy, actually I would love to make all the food miniature…seems appropriate no?  {9} DIY cupcakes presented so gorgeously!! via the Collection {10} and this tiny birthday cake with bunting flags is absolutely perfect! photo by Kallie Brynn Photography via The Sweetest Occasion I am sure my inspirations will evolve, but for right now this is my vision…what do you guys think?

Mom Monday {purple baby shower}


I had the pleasure of throwing my dear friend a baby shower this past weekend (remember this bride!?). We had so much fun and I attempted quite a few DIY projects so I thought I would share the results.

I made tissue paper pom poms in various sizes and shades of purple. I absolutely LOVED the results and would definitely make these again. They were so easy and really added a fun element to the party. The glitter “Baby Girl” garland you may spy in the back, seemed a lot more headache than it was worth. But it was very cute. I used this DIY project as a guide via Lovely Indeed.

My favorite part of the shower was the craft bar. In lieu of shower games I had a craft bar. Each guest was invited to design their very own art board. I provided decorative papers and templates and the results were very beautiful. Since most of the guests were either moms or moms-to-be these were the perfect decoration for a nursery or child’s room.

I kept the food simple and it was actually a HUGE hit. I served 3 different types of tea sandwiches, similar to the ones I served at my Alice in Wonderland tea party. I also made a lamb cous cous salad and an asian cabbage salad with shitake mushrooms.

To finish it off I made a milk and cookies bar. Casey, the guest of honor, really wanted a milk and cookies bar at her wedding but it didn’t ever happen, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give her one.

There was fresh milk from old school glass bottles, drink flags that read “milk does a body good”, and a variety of fabulous home made cookies. Of course it helps that my dear friend is a recent culinary school grad and an aspiring pasty chef!! Hope you guys enjoy this inspiration, I really enjoyed getting crafty and creating a fun and creative party. I definitely would recommend doing some sort of craft as opposed to a game. The guests really enjoyed themselves!

A DIY dream


I have been staring at these crafty supplies for some time now, and I must admit I don’t have anything specific I would use them for right now but I just really have to have….you know what I mean?


{1} This grouping of yarn from Purl Soho makes my mind spin! LOVE!  {2} and probably my favorite of all, this grouping of vintage sequins…oh how I would LOVE to have these!! I dream in sequins now. via Pugly Pixel


wooden spools, scalloped ribbon and vintage ephemera via French General.


striped masking tape and lace tape via Paper Mash.


Newsprint paper sacks, pink glassine bags, colored cotton twine, colored clothespins and wooden tags…sigh. Some of my favorites via Olive Manna. Hopefully this inspires you to pick up some of those craft supplies you have lying around and create!! Happy crafting! xoxo

Mom Monday {happy new year!}


Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday. I wanted to start this year off on a personal note and share some of our moments with little Piper during her first christmas in Park City. Hope you enjoy!


We toasted with Piper Sonoma champagne on Christmas morning. We took Piper out in the snow in her new snow suit and pink hat…it was too cute!


Grandpa and Dada made Piper a homemade mobile out of hangers and some christmas ornaments. It was too adorable!


I hope you enjoy this little peek into my life. I am so looking forward to spending to 2011 with you all!! xoxo

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