Mom Monday {a busy bee weekend}

Well this weekend was full of activity. Our whole family came in to town for Piper’s first dance recital, followed by her birthday party, and then a father’s day celebration! Now I don’t know if any of you have experienced this, but confessions from a mom, I had knots in my stomach all morning the […]

Virtual Sketchbook {piper’s 3rd bday}

I thought it would be fun to show you exactly what is on my screen right now. A virtual sketchbook of sorts. I am working on Piper’s 3rd birthday party invites. I am still committed to keeping it sort of low key this year. So the invites MAY not be letterpress (we’ll see). It’s so […]

Happy Birthday Piper Marie!

I cannot believe that it has already been 2 years since our little Piper Marie came into this world. I am beyond words when I think about when we first met our little princess. The way that she has grown and changed right before our eyes is truly a miracle. I am so grateful to […]

Mom Monday {kids room ideas}

With the move, I am daydreaming about all the fun things we can do with Piper’s new room! Here are a few of my favorites as of late… Fairy lights are a must don’t you think? I adore these ceiling lights, and of course this white fairy land of a bed. I also really want […]

Mom Monday {Piper 18 month update}

I cannot believe I am writing my little baby’s 18 month old update! How did this happen so quickly? Well Piper is doing just great, constantly amazing us & making us laugh. Here are some photos, a few milestones and some funny things she does. She is such a gift in our lives, I feel […]

Mom Monday {Piper update}

I thought I would share a little 15 month Piper update today in honor of Mom Monday. 15 months is such a fun age. Piper is constantly surprising us, and making us laugh. From walking all over the place, eating constantly, and continuing to be a curious little girl, she is such a blessing in […]

Mom Monday {milestones}

It was a very eventful weekend for us…Piper began to walk! She had taken a step here and there, but she now is walking really walking!! We are over the moon excited. Here are a few pics of her from her play date in the park this weekend. She is really coming out of her […]

Mom Monday {Piper’s must haves}

It’s so funny how Piper’s “must haves” change so quickly. Here is a peek into her latest must have items. {1} pink oversize sunnies received as a gift {2} silver pediped shoes. she doesn’t leave home without these! {3} her asbolute favorite snuggly toy, we call him Peanut. via¬†Brookstone. {4} tiny pink washcloths, she loves […]

Mom Monday {Piper’s Bday Sneak Peek}

I cannot believe my little princess is 1!! We had her first birthday this past weekend and I could not have asked for a more perfect day. I was surrounded by all of my most favorite people, my dear friend and dessert table up and comer created the most spectacular dessert table, and Piper had […]

Mom Monday {NSS a mom perspective}

The first of my Stationery Show coverage comes to you from a mom’s perspective. This was my first show as a mother, and with Piper in tow, I was challenged mentally, professionally, on all levels really. This was one of my hardest weeks as a working mom. I think what really got me through was […]