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Mom Monday {a busy bee weekend}


Well this weekend was full of activity. Our whole family came in to town for Piper’s first dance recital, followed by her birthday party, and then a father’s day celebration! Now I don’t know if any of you have experienced this, but confessions from a mom, I had knots in my stomach all morning the day of her recital. I know it may sound silly, but I was definitely more nervous than she was. From being the shyest one in her class, and sometimes just stopping and looking around at everyone else dancing, rather than dancing, I wasn’t sure what she would do on that big stage. Well let me just tell you it turned out more amazing than I could have imagined!! She knew all her dance moves, and when the dance was over, and the rest of her friends exited the stage, Piper stayed on stage!!! For several minutes! Just soaking it up as the audience went crazy, clapping, laughing…it was hysterical!! I am such a proud mama, so I just thought I would share that personal moment with you guys. Happy mom Monday. xoxo


Virtual Sketchbook {piper's 3rd bday}


I thought it would be fun to show you exactly what is on my screen right now. A virtual sketchbook of sorts. I am working on Piper’s 3rd birthday party invites. I am still committed to keeping it sort of low key this year. So the invites MAY not be letterpress (we’ll see). It’s so different designing her invitations this year, as she is so opinionated now on what colors she likes, and her princess obsession. Stay tuned for the finished invites!


Happy Birthday Piper Marie!


I cannot believe that it has already been 2 years since our little Piper Marie came into this world. I am beyond words when I think about when we first met our little princess.

The way that she has grown and changed right before our eyes is truly a miracle. I am so grateful to have you in our lives my precious girl. I love you so much more than I can write. Happy Birthday!

Mom Monday {kids room ideas}


With the move, I am daydreaming about all the fun things we can do with Piper’s new room! Here are a few of my favorites as of late…

Fairy lights are a must don’t you think? I adore these ceiling lights, and of course this white fairy land of a bed.

I also really want to incorporate some chalkboard paint, maybe on one wall, or on half of a wall. Piper adores chalkboards so she would be in heaven with something like this.

I love the tall curtains and how they frame the bed in this room, and these striped curtains are so fab!

Lots of light like in this room, make it feel bright, cheerful and happy don’t you think?

I just know that Piper would be in heaven with a garden of these giant paper flowers!!!! Swoon. The full DIY can be found on Design Sponge.

Mom Monday {Piper 18 month update}


I cannot believe I am writing my little baby’s 18 month old update! How did this happen so quickly? Well Piper is doing just great, constantly amazing us & making us laugh. Here are some photos, a few milestones and some funny things she does. She is such a gift in our lives, I feel grateful everyday for my little Piper.

Mom Monday {Piper update}


I thought I would share a little 15 month Piper update today in honor of Mom Monday.

15 months is such a fun age. Piper is constantly surprising us, and making us laugh. From walking all over the place, eating constantly, and continuing to be a curious little girl, she is such a blessing in our lives.

Here are a few of her favorite things right now and a few snapshots to share.

Inspired by a fellow designer and mother Emily Ley, I thought I would share this very real moment of owning my own business and being a mother of a 15 month old little girl. Most days are not perfect, but they all contain laughter, smiles and love from my precious little girl. Just a little reminder to all you mom’s out there, just do the best you can, and enjoy the time you have with your littles. xoxo Happy Mom Monday!

Mom Monday {milestones}


It was a very eventful weekend for us…Piper began to walk! She had taken a step here and there, but she now is walking really walking!! We are over the moon excited. Here are a few pics of her from her play date in the park this weekend. She is really coming out of her shell, walking all over the playground, playing with other kids…it’s so cute! What an amazing journey this is.

Mom Monday {Piper's must haves}


It’s so funny how Piper’s “must haves” change so quickly. Here is a peek into her latest must have items.

{1} pink oversize sunnies received as a gift

{2} silver pediped shoes. she doesn’t leave home without these!

{3} her asbolute favorite snuggly toy, we call him Peanut. via Brookstone.

{4} tiny pink washcloths, she loves to hold on to these. tiny security blankets? via Target.

{5} her favorite book at story time, hands down, Pinkalicious.

{6} singing tea set is a favorite to bring with us to the park.

{7} we just started Music Together classes, and she loves the songs we sing at home.

Mom Monday {Piper's Bday Sneak Peek}


I cannot believe my little princess is 1!! We had her first birthday this past weekend and I could not have asked for a more perfect day. I was surrounded by all of my most favorite people, my dear friend and dessert table up and comer created the most spectacular dessert table, and Piper had the time of her life. I was a little nervous since she isn’t always a fan of strangers, but she absolutely loved every moment! From her perfect pink princess outfit, to the cake, to the presents. She opened every single present with me and played with each one for a few minutes. It was the cutest thing, and the day was filled with the most precious moments. I cannot wait until I can share all the photos with you. Until then, here is a little sneak peek for you guys!

That adorable crown was handmade by the very talented Alli Crafts. She custom made the crown to match the party colors…orange and pink of course. Thanks Alli!!

Mom Monday {NSS a mom perspective}


The first of my Stationery Show coverage comes to you from a mom’s perspective. This was my first show as a mother, and with Piper in tow, I was challenged mentally, professionally, on all levels really. This was one of my hardest weeks as a working mom. I think what really got me through was meeting so many other working moms at the show that were feeling exactly what I was feeling, or dealing with some of the very same challenges I was. It was so comforting knowing that other moms do it, and they make it work, AND they all feel frazzled at times!

This trip was filled with firsts for Piper. One of which happened our first night in NYC at Otto, Mario Batali’s pizza place. Piper had her very first bites of bread, pizza and pasta filled with goat cheese! She ate with her hands, and seemed to have the time of her life! It was so much fun watching her enjoy herself like that. She really does seem to have a passion for food, just like her mommy and daddy!

Every morning began with me leaving the apartment in tears as Piper cried her little heart out and pointed at me. My heart broke every morning! But when she did make those fun appearances at our booth she had a blast! Also, she literally slept for a day and a half when we got back home. She was exhausted!!

Thanks for listening, thanks for sharing your stories with me, and most of all thanks for reading. I can’t tell you how much it made my heart sing when I would meet those of you that would say “I look forward to reading your Mom Monday posts on the blog!” I love you guys!!

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