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Friday Fun {Dolls and a trip}


Happy Friday my friends! My Jess Brown doll that I won over on the Moms Project giveaway arrived this week. I am beyond excited!! Here is a little peek at her. How pretty is she? I also made the recipe below, although I didn’t have time to make it in the slow cooker. It was divine, you must try it! Also I will be taking a break next week as we travel to Cape Cod to celebrate my father-in-law’s life. We lost him last year, and the family is getting together to remember him. I will be back the following week with more fun exciting content so stay tuned. Love you guys!!

Jess Brown Doll, Pin of the Week and Fabulous Recipe to try | Friday Fun, Wiley Valentine



Check us out in the latest issue of Brides magazine! We were so honored to be included! The Max and Molly chevron watercolor invites were featured. We will be making these available in our etsy shop soon, so stay tuned! Thanks Brides! xoxo

**The watercolor chevron design is actually a gorgeous painting that was graciously provided by the oh so talented Joanna Goss.

Molly + Max {paper goods revealed}


You got a peek at the invitations yesterday as well as the gorgeous details of Molly + Max’s wedding. Well today I wanted to show you a bit more of the paper goods we created for this amazing wedding. To start it off here are the invitations you saw, complete with custom liners and the most adorable illustrations by the bride herself.

The watercolor chevron design is actually a gorgeous painting that was graciously provided by the oh so talented Joanna Goss. If you haven’t seen Joanna’s work yet, you must check it out!

Here are the fabulous bridal shower invitations we did complete with fun heart illustrations also by the bride!

We were so head over heels for Molly’s adorable illustrations we launched new greeting card designs that incorporated the adorable sketches! Check out these new letterpress and flat printed greetings available in our shop now!

Lulu DK inspired


When I saw this post on Lonny Mag’s blog I started scouring Lulu DK’s site and fell in love with her custom catalog.

How brilliant is it that her catalog explaining her custom process is actually her sketchbook!? Lulu loves to sketch and paint so this format is so perfect and reflects her work fabulously.

I love that she begins her process with paintings and then adapts those paintings to her textiles! So beautiful. You can see more of her work here.

Round Up {coloring}


As a child one of my favorite activities was to color in those pattern coloring books. So it makes sense that I am completely smitten over this new coloring book inspired trend. Its so fun, adds a DIY element to really cool products, and is now inspiring my own work.


Starting off with these super chic coloring books. They certainly have come a long way since I was little, scribbling in my coloring book. From the top The Wonderful World of Fashion book is so fun and playful. Of course it doesn’t get any more chic than a Hermes coloring book right!? Wow! And these Rosie Flo coloring books are spot on. I would love to have a collection of these for myself!


I love the idea of having color-in wallpaper. This frames wallpaper by Graham & Brown is so adorable. What a fun thing to put in Piper‘s room! Hmmmm…And this Jon Burgerman wallpaper sold by nineteenseventythree via therefore design is gorgeous!


I love that this color-in trend is moving from paper to clothing! So fun. First up is this adorable child t-shirt set. What a fun gift for a child. Love it! And now for the trend to move couture, this color-in dress. Wow! What a clever idea. I would love to see this concept move to a table cloth perhaps at a bridal shower, that would then turn into a gift for the bride! Hope this inspires you to if nothing else, dig out those old coloring books! xoxo

My Baby Shower {handmade gifts}


Over the next few days I will be sharing some of my favorite details from my baby shower. Today I wanted to show you some of the gorgeous handmade gifts I received and am loving!


This gift was given to me by our very own Jane, who graciously allowed Emily and the grandmas-to be to host the shower at her gorgeous  home. This gift was wrapped by the fabulous ladies at The Favour, who specialize in favors and specialized gifts. They are such a great resource for bridal shower favors, wedding favors etc. My favorite part is their unique and whimsical take on wrapping. They certainly showed their talents on this gift by creating an entire Alice in Wonderland scene atop of the present!! I was so excited I only unwrapped it part way and am keeping it wrapped until its time to use the gift!


I was so excited to receive a Molly Jay owl piece. If you haven’t seen her work yet you really MUST check out her etsy site. It’s packed full of unique and original paintings and mixed media pieces. I am so loving all things owl and this will go perfect in the nursery. Oh and did I mention Molly is an insanely talented musician!? Check out her music. She is one of my favorites.


Finally there are these insanely amazing toadstools that Emily and her mother, Wendy, made for me. They are absolutely perfect for the nursery. How Alice in Wonderland are these?! Yes Emily definitely knows me pretty well. Stay tuned for more details from my baby shower coming up!

Sunny Afternoon


Here is a visual of my mood lately…


From the top, this darling flea market print from  Skippy Designs etsy shop. I am completely smitten with this outdoor entertaining area…sigh! via Mary Ruffle. I adore vintage tins and vintage bottles, and this photo via Piewacket is perfect! This shot of vintage furniture with rubber boots atop the dresser is adorable! I love the color palette…so spring! via Mary Ruffle.


How adorable is this miniature bouquet held in the palm of ones hand! Too cute…imagine these as favors at a shower!? via Mary Ruffle. And these last divine photos of a picnic out of the back of a vintage VW bug in the midst of a field is maybe my favorite thing ever! How I wish that’s what I was doing right now! Photos by the amazing Simon Bevan.

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