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How We do Valentine’s Day


My husband and I have never really been the people to go out to a restaurant on Valentine’s day but we do like to cook fun things, and celebrate in small ways with the kids. Here is a fun peek into our Valentine’s day. My husband made us heart shaped pink pancakes for breakfast, we had pink baked donuts I made over the weekend, heart beet salad with pink garlic vegan aioli, and I packed a fun valentine’s themed lunch for Piper. Would love to hear what you guys do on Valentine’s day. Any fun traditions!?

Mom Monday {Pink Oatmeal Baby Food}


I have been experimenting with different ingredients for Greyson’s baby food lately. I love trying new combos and let’s face it, food is just more fun when it’s bright pink don’t you think? I whipped up a batch of this pink oatmeal for Greyson  yesterday and she loved it! All I did was mix organic rolled oats with some breastmilk (you can use any type of milk) and a tablespoon of my secret ingredient, this organic Pitaya smoothie pack. I made smoothie bowls for the rest of us, win win! Pitaya is a natural source Antioxidants, fiber and magnesium! Give it a try!


Mom Monday {7 months!}


Mommy tales:  I cannot believe Greyson is already 7 months old! How did we get here so fas?  We introduced solid foods at 6 months. After a rocky start she took to most everything I gave her. Until about a week ago when she decided she didn’t really want to eat solid foods at all. Come to find out her bottom 4 teeth are all coming in at once. The teething pain really kicked in last night. She cried for close to 2 hours while trying to get her to go to sleep. I finally tried massaging her gums with my finger (something I found while frantically googling “how to soothe a teething baby”) I am not sure if she was just exhausted by that time or if it really did the trick but she fell asleep shortly afterward. She woke up again in the middle of the night crying but put herself back to sleep a bit after. Overall though Greyson is such a happy baby. Constantly smiling and bringing joy wherever she goes. So grateful for this little one. Happy Mom Monday friends!


Mother’s day Gift Ideas


Just in case you all needed a reminder, it’s Mother’s day this weekend! Here are a few gift ideas I had for you. From practical to spoiling here are some special gifts for that special woman in your life. Starting with Emily Ley’s Home Base Binder, this is the ultimate practical but still super cool gift. From the queen of planners, Emily Ley has created the ultimate tool to organize your home life. I LOVE this gift. For beauty within there’s Beauty Dust from Moon Juice. It increases collagen and silica production and tones and firms tissue, while hydrating and fortifying skin, hair, nails and cell membranes from the inside out. Yes please! Spoil that mama in your life. This Mama ring by Brooklyn-based designer Nora Kogan uses recycled metals and conflict-free stones! Who doesn’t need a stylish market tote like this one from Herschel Supply Co. Obsessed!

Friday Fun {butterflies & burrata}


Todays inspiration to-go image is a butterfly from our visit to the Environmental Nature Center last weekend. Happy Mother’s day to my amazing, sweet, strong and beautiful mother and to all the moms out there. How will you celebrate? We are planning a picnic at one of my favorite spots in Laguna Beach.


Happy Mother's Day


With Mother’s Day this weekend, I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of my mom and I…circa 1978!! I just love the pure joy these pictures captured. Happy mother’s day to my amazing, beautiful mother! Wishing all the mother’s out there a very happy mother’s day this weekend!!


Big Announcement! …Food to Love


Ok well for those of you that follow me on twitter, you have heard me mention an exciting new project yet to be revealed. Well it’s time for the big reveal…I am hosting the very first Food to Love workshop next weekend with more to come. The class filled up so fast, and so many fabulous sponsors were so generous and supportive, I was slightly overwhelmed. Remember when I mentioned the idea casually in this post? Well it has become a reality! The idea is to educate, listen and learn from each other while gaining the knowledge needed to be able to feed your family good, healthy, fabulous food. From struggles to triumphs, revelations to recipes, we will cover it. The amazing sponsors include Whole Foods, On to Baby, Scout Books, Wean Green, Good Seeds, The Stitch Farm and Wiley Valentine! More on them to follow…So much to share!

My house was a full on test kitchen this past weekend. Interested in learning more about Food to Love workshops? Drop me an email and I will be sure to keep you in the loop!

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