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Branding for The Silver Pen


I am so very proud to have worked on the rebranding for Hollye Jacobs and her site The Silver Pen. Her site provides an “everyday source of inspiration and information. It is an honest guide to navigating the realities of cancer with a focus on health, balance, humor and above all, Silver Linings.” We live in a time where we are all touched by cancer whether it’s a friend, family member or our own struggles, her site provides a safe haven and an invaluable resource.


You know when you have those people you just instantly click with, and you get each other? Well Hollye is one of those people. We had a blast coming up with her logo and branding. We designed business cards, book marks, letterpress stationery and even quotes for the website. Then I had the pleasure of designing her new website!


And I am very excited to announce that in less than a week the book The Silver Lining will be released. Co-Authored by Hollye Jacobs and  Elizabeth Messina, this is sure to be an amazing and beautiful book. You can pre-order yours here. I think it would make a very special and thoughtful gift.

Inspiration to-go {Rest and Relaxation}


Sometimes inspiration comes from getting away, unplugging, and relaxing. After 6 months of working long extra hours, sadness with the loss of a loved one, and just being tired, I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend some time away with my family. I am so grateful for this and am enjoying every moment. Below is a snapshot from my balcony, the small beach below…as I take in the beautiful views, my mind is recharging, and I am living in the moment. Have a fabulous weekend my friends!


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