Quote of the Day {imagination}

I love this quote so much…Happy Thursday my friends.

Quote of the Day {Power in looking Silly}

So true Amy Poehler, so true…

Branding for The Silver Pen

I am so very proud to have worked on the rebranding for Hollye Jacobs and her site The Silver Pen. Her site provides an “everyday source of inspiration and information. It is an honest guide to navigating the realities of cancer with a focus on health, balance, humor and above all, Silver Linings.” We live […]

Quote of the Day {Never Look Back}

Starting a new year always gives me such inspiration of what is to come. I find myself setting goals, brainstorming new ideas and just getting excited for a year full of amazing things. In doing this, I find this particular quote very helpful. It’s such a great reminder to not dwell on the past and […]

Inspiration to-go {Rest and Relaxation}

Sometimes inspiration comes from getting away, unplugging, and relaxing. After 6 months of working long extra hours, sadness with the loss of a loved one, and just being tired, I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend some time away with my family. I am so grateful for this and am enjoying every moment. […]

Quote of the day {Questions not Answers}

A little quote fun today…Happy Thursday!

Quote of the Day {In the midst of chaos}

This quote is such the perfect reminder for me right now. Hope it will inspire you today!

Quote of the Day {live in the moment}

A reminder to all of you out there today. Happy Thursday my friends!

Quote of the day {secret of life}

Love this quote. Such a beautiful reminder don’t you think!?

Inspiration to-go {vintage paper}

I just love this vintage illustration from an old magazine I found! Happy Friday my friends!