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Wish I Was {Hot Springs and Hot Cocoa}


Oh how dreamy this spot looks, in Dunton Hot Springs. I stumbled upon the most perfect adventure documented by Captain and the Gypsy King and my Wish I Was post was born. Sipping an adaptogenic hot cocoa wearing some killer clothes would really complete the experience dont you think?


Friday Fun {rainbow trees & hot cocoa}


The inspiration to-go today comes from these rainbow eucalyptus trees we saw in Hawaii. The colors are so unreal! Also loving this hand lettering by Tobias Saul. The cold weather is really making me want to make this hot cocoa sweetened with dates. Yum! Happy weekend friends!


A Peek into my Cozy Christmas


I thought I would give you guys a little peek into what my christmas looks like (ok so maybe I don’t have a Mimosa bar and piles of cashmere blankets, but a girl can dream right?)

Cozy blankets, a Mimosa bar; Park City; a touch of Pink always!; watching the Holiday; Hot Cocoa; wintery piles of wood and a deer; Cozying up by the fire with warm socks! aahhhh…looking forward to a little family time! What are you guys planning for the holidays?

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