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Easy Green Breakfast Muffins


I discovered green muffins from The Tribe a few weeks ago, and have slowly been perfecting my own spin on them. Infusing them with superfoods and adaptagens. They are so delicious and both my kids LOVE them. They are great to make ahead and then have a quick grab and go breakfast, especially on those mornings when you are short on time. We had a super late morning today in fact, and I just grabbed a few of these and we ate them in the car on the way to school drop off. Not picture perfect, but we do our best, right mamas? What i love about these is that the greens are raw, so you don’t have to cook anything in advance, and they are super easy to throw together. I love that they have so many health properties and a great way to start your morning. Here’s the recipe, adapted from The Tribe, with my own superfood twist.

Health properties include immune support, stress relief, digestive health, heart health, energy boost and tons more. With the combination of the Reishi, Tocos, Chia and Flax you have a winning combo here my friends!


Happy Earth Day!


I am feeling so refreshed and inspired after a fabulous Food to Love workshop yesterday. We had the most amazing group of women it really was an empowering afternoon. I will be giving you a little peek into the workshop later. But first I wanted to share this delicious recipe for a Quinoa Avocado Cilantro salad I made for the ladies yesterday. It was huge hit, and since I promised them the recipe I decided I would share it with you all as well!


There are so many flavors going on with the cilantro, green onions, avocado, lemon, garbanzo beans, it’s a great salad to try on someone who may be a little resistant to healthy foods. This recipe was inspired by this recipe here from The Diva Dish. Coincidentally she served this at her own Healthy Living Class!


Wishing you all a very fabulous Earth Day. I would love to hear how you will spend your Earth day!?

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