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In the Kitchen {easy tomato snacks}


One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is my food dehydrator. I do most of my dehydrating in the spring and summer as the fruits are my favorite. Dried peaches…yum! I have been trying to do more veggies as well. My most recent veggie success are these delicious tomatoes. They are so super easy too!


Start by slicing your ripe tomatoes 1/4″ thick. Toss with olive oil, salt and garlic powder.  Cherry tomotoes are also super yummy this way. Dehydrate for about 9 hours. If you don’t have a dehydrator, try slow roasting them in your oven on the lowest temp. Enjoy!

Mom Monday {Breakfast Cupcakes}


I had such a fun time cooking with Piper this weekend I just had to share. I was inspired by this recipe for Apricot Pecan Breakfast bars, to create something that we could have on hand for an easy breakfast. Piper loves anything in cupcake form and recently began helping me cook. It’s such a fun thing for us to do together.


These are great to cook with the kids. I measure things out, then she dumps them in the bowls and stirs everything around. Then, the best part, she gets to lick the spoon! I have such fond memories of doing this with my grandmother. The key is to make something delicious and healthy. These are the perfect breakfast. They have fruits, nuts, antioxidants, oats, and they taste delicious!!


The bananas and dates act as the sweetener, so there is no need to add sugars of any kind!



Rethinking Passover Food


With the abundance of gluten-free and vegan blogs & recipes out there now, it really gives Passover so many new possibilities. There are still the staples that are my grandmother’s recipes like her harroset and Mayeena or Matzah Brie but new foods definitely can find a place at the cedar don’t you think? Here are a few of my favorites to try…


From the top: Broccoli & Black Bean Salad // frozen Banana Raspberry muffins // potato pancakes with poached eggs


Cucumber Noodles in Peanut Sauce // Whole Grain Matzah

These are a few of my favorite Pins…


Just thought I would share with you a few of my favorite pins as of late. Don’t you just want to dive in to this little grouping?!


DIY angel wings from Ruffled….I mean wow!!

This gorgeous Parisian building that screams please design an invitation to match me via Parolan Asema

I am currently obsessed with all things from Wolf and Willow’s “The Sexy Sugar free Vegan project” and these strawberry and macadamia coconut butters are no exception.

Mom Monday {dirty dozen}


I just designed this print for my kitchen and I thought I would share. The Dirty Dozen, for those unfamiliar, is a list of the fruits and vegetables that contain the most pesticide residue and the items most important to buy organic.


These are some of the things we will discuss in more depth at the Food to Love workshop. Don’t forget to snag your tickets! Space is limited!



A Favorite Food Find…


It’s always a magical feeling when you discover a new food find right in your backyard. This past weekend we stumbled upon such a place, Cucina Enoteca was magic from the moment we stepped inside. From the Anthropologie inspired decor, to the miss-matched door knobs on each bathroom door, to the retro fabulous wire chairs. The details did not go unnoticed.


House-made seasonal liquor infusions such as {grapefruit/lemon/min/gin} or {pinapple/serrano chili/tequila} do not disappoint! Their pizza is neopolitan style crust, slightly blistered, slightly chewy, pure goodness.


We ordered a fabulous salad but what really got me excited was the cheese & meet board. If you follow me on instagram you might notice that I am somewhat cheese board obsessed. In fact I have had a post in the works for some time on how to create the perfect cheese board…but this experience just made me second guess it all. It truly felt like a piece of art, the way it was plated on a wooden “paddle”, and the different accoutrements that were included were mind blowing. To the point where we left not one single ounce of food on the board when we were done! I mean nothing!


I am already dreaming of my next visit here. I will definitely be making the cheese board more of a main event next time. Wow! Bravo to Cucina Enoteca!

Mom Monday {dating my husband}


I recently read this post on Not Without Salt which chronicles a typical date night of Ashley Rodriguez and her husband amid children & family chaos. It was so inspiring that I felt I had to share it with you. Ashley writes so beautifully and the video showing their daughter helping to prepare their date night meal is gorgeous. I thought I might share with you how date nights look at my house. We definitely make a point to have date nights on the weekends, typically focused around some sort of food. One of our favorites is the cheese & charcuterie plate accompanied by craft beers or a good bottle of wine we have been saving. What do your typical date nights consist of? I thought it might be fun to share different date night ideas. Leave a comment explaining your date nights. Happy Mom Monday!