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Healthy Living Resources


With Earth Day being this week I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you my favorite healthy living blogs.


A House in the Hills | Fruit Leather

Chalkboard Mag | DIY Floral Syrups

DIY Natural | Homemade Natural Kids Toothpaste

The Kind Life | Alicia Silverstone’s new book, The Kind Mama

The best thing about all these blogs is that they have such well rounded content. From recipes, to exercise, green living tips to eco-chic products, you will find so many great resources on these blogs. Enjoy! And happy Earth Day week. Let me know if you have a favorite I may have missed. Leave it in the comments below.

Natural Tie Dye DIY Results


As promised here are the results of my natural tie dye project. One of the fun things about this was that I involved little miss Piper. She enjoyed watching the fabrics transform into colorful wonders. I will say the beets were the most disappointing. I thought they would be vibrant but the color came out super dull and almost a brown tone. Everywhere I read says to simmer your ingredients for about 1 hour, but I think the beets could have used less time. Next time I am going to try leaving the fabric overnight in the cooled liquid and see how that goes.


My favorite and most successful dyes were the Tumeric blends. I did one with tumeric and orange peels and then one with tumeric and onion skins. The results were vibrant and beautiful. The raspberries were nice, pretty pale, but a nice purple-pink color. Frozen blueberries were pale pink as well. I would LOVE to see your results if you give this a try!

Mom Monday {lunchbox round-up}


With school starting soon I thought it would be fun to share a few lunchbox finds I have been collecting. I love how these are all eco-friendly, and the bento versions really help promote a healthy, well-balanced meal. Enjoy!


1 Reusable bamboo spoon and fork in one!!

2 Waste Free lunch kit

3 Leak-proof cooler bag/lunch box

4  A fun take on the bento box


5 The ultimate bento

6 Laptop lunches

7 The eco-lunchbox

8 Machine washable strawberry lunch bag

Mom Monday {The Stitch Farm}


This post is very dear to my heart. I am so proud to share with you this beautiful work from Barbara of The Stitch Farm, who also happens to be my amazing mother. The idea started for her when she wanted to make something for sweet Piper. She had a lot of old cashmere sweaters that were out of style, or had holes in them…and the idea for the Stitch Farm was born. She began by making these adorable bunnies, that are so soft and cuddly.


The collection has grown to include tiny piglets, gorgeous ballerina pillows made with vintage napkins. My personal favorite though is the Sentiment collection where you can send in your old sweater, or the sweater of a loved one, and she can custom create bunnies or pillows so you never have to part with that sweater.


These tiny piglets fit in the palm of your hand and are just about the cutest thing!


Her Signature Bunnies are so soft and adorable.


Her newest items are these gorgeous ballerina pillows made from vintage cashmere and vintage napkins! They would make the perfect addition to a little girls nursery or little girls room don’t you think!?


One of my favorite things about her creations is that each one arrives in a handmade pouch made from upcycled clothing or bedding!


You can see the entire Stitch Farm collection right here!

**branding & photography by Wiley Valentine


Mom Monday {summer essentials}


With summer in full swing, and trips to the pool becoming more regular, I thought I would share with you my summer essentials for Piper. Most are things that are tried and true, a few are things I am dying to try.

1.With sunblock being the new hot topic for “is it safe for my kids”, the Honest Company is my sunblock of choice. I know I can trust the safety of the product. Piper’s has super sensitive skin and the fact that she has no reaction to it is huge!

2. Sunglasses, or sunnies as we like to call them, not only protect Piper’s eyes, but they have a super glam look that she seems to really love. LOL!

3. This is something I have not tried but am dying to. Anyone out there use reusable swim diapers? I am so over buying the cheesy looking, expensive swim diapers, and these seem so fabulous. Eco-friendly AND stylish=perfection!

4. Flip flops are my shoes of choice when going to the beach or the pool. These adorable ones from Old Navy are 2 for $5 which makes a lost shoe much less painful. Plus, how cute are they? Piper has a few pairs and loves them. The ankle strap helps keep them on.

5. Between the heat and the chlorine, Piper’s sensitive skin seems to flair up a ton right now. This all natural, organic ointment from Mother Love is amazing. I wish I knew about it when she was a baby too. It works miracles.

6. I blogged about the amazing pops I made with my new Zoku popsicle maker the other week. It has now officially been put on my must haves. It’s so great! Perfect for the hot summer days.

Hot off the Press {romantic glamour}


Here is an invitation suite we did for our fabulous retailer, Where’s the Party, in Costa Mesa. I am of course, in love with this pink + charcoal color palette. The soft graphics of the Romantic Glamour suite, lend themselves so well to these colors…what do you guys think?

Hot off the Press {vintage monogram beauty}


We did this gorgeous invitation for our fabulous retailer Christie in Manhattan Beach. The beauty of vintage monograms is that each combination of letters is different. I absolutely LOVE this one and the sophisticated color palette is so fitting.

Hot off the Press {red hot coral}


This is a peek at an invitation we recently did for the fabulous House & Paper in Miami. I absolutely love this color combo! The client chose the Michelle collection for their rehearsal dinner invitations…so chic!

Here are a few shots I snapped, playing around with my inner stylist. What do you think?

New Letterpress + Flat printed Valentines Cards


Here they are finally…the brand new Wiley Valentine valentines! What better way to say “I love you”?


I love this letterpress beauty! The message is so great, and it makes this card perfect for friends as well as romance.


This wildly popular letterpress card is such a fun way to wish someone happy valentines day, or even just let them know you care!


I really love the heart on the flap of the pink envelope on this flat printed card. Loving this one!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for even more reveals! Love is in the air!

Hot off the Press {anchor chic}


We get a lot of requests for invitations that reflect a seaside affair. I think this was the perfect solution. The bride chose the Cape Cod design from the studio collection, and replaced the monogram with an anchor. So fun! And I really like how these colors work together. The perfect blend of prep + fab!


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