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Mom Monday {Steal-worthy Kids Party Ideas}


As Piper’s 5th birthday approaches I find myself searching for fun new ideas for her party. Here are a few that caught my eye that are completely steal-worthy for your own child’s party!


Mom Monday {Cinderella Viewing Party}


Well the day finally arrived to have Piper’s Cinderella viewing party. We invited 3 of her friends to join us and each girl received a goodie bag. The goodie bags held pipe cleaner crowns we made, tutus that my mom made for each girl, little cards with a movie quote, and homemade gummy candies I made. (recipe coming soon). The girls had such a great time and it was such a fun way to see the movie!


Mom Monday {reading 3 fun ways}


I took Piper to a bookstore to hang out for the first time. This has always been one of my favorite activities since I was a child. I browse the aisles, gather a pile of books, seek out a private corner and devour all the books. I do the same thing at the library. Piper just loved doing this with me, which was so much fun! It’s a great way to encourage reading with your kids. Another fun way to read is to take a book with you and read at a park. What ways do you read with your kids? I would love to hear! Happy Mom Monday friends.


Mom Monday {candy-less valentine ideas}


It’s that time of year again, when you send your child to school with a clever valentine. I love these ideas because they are candy-less and you can pick the items up at the grocery store or Target. Plus they are so adorable! First up, package up a cutie with a tag or sticker that says “You’re a cutie”! Love that one. Pick up some little vials or bottles of bubbles and use the line “You blow me away”. Grab a bag of underwater plastic toys and add a tag that says “I SEA you are a great friend”. I love these little mazes with the line “You aMAZE me”. And lastly use plastic dinosaurs with the line “You are DINOmite”. Hope these inspire you guys for this years valentines. Have fun with it!


Mom Monday {Food Quick Tip #101}


I get asked A LOT for tips on how to get your kids to eat their food. So here is a new series I am starting. Quick, easy tips that will get your kids excited about the healthy food you feed them. First up, my secret weapon = Frozen Organic Blueberries. Mix these in plain yogurt, rather then giving them sugar filled flavored yogurts. The yogurt turns purple as you mix it around and makes for a fun and healthy snack or breakfast. Have you tried getting your kids to drink non-flavored almond milk, with no success? Stir in some frozen blueberries, and you have all natural purple milk! Who doesn’t want to drink purple milk right!? Good luck!


Mom Monday {Ideas to steal, Kids Bday}


Here are 5 ideas to steal for your the next birthday party you are planning.


Strawberry Almond Milk!!! Yes yes yes. Perfection

Craft station for the kids to make their own mini artwork. With the tape already on the canvases, this makes for instant geometric master pieces.


Pin the Horn on the unicorn! Brilliant

Instax confetti box favors. Take a shot of each child using some Photo Booth style props. Then slip the photo inside one of these acrylic boxes filled with confetti, and voila!

DIY glitter star headbands for each child.

Mom Monday {Falafel Bites}


I made these super easy Falafel bites the other day and Piper literally licked her plate and mine! When this happens I find the need to share. These were super quick to make, these ingredients are things you may already have in your kitchen, and your whole family will enjoy them. I tried sticks and meatball shapes, but the sticks prooved easier for dipping in the yummy yogurt sauce. Recipe adapted from this one.



Mom Monday {The Switch Witch}


Halloween is not my favorite holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I love the costumes, and the act of trick or treating with the little ones is loads of fun. But the candy itself just feels so wrong to me. Filled with all the things we, as a family, try to avoid, chemicals, GMO’s, yucky non-food stuff. So this halloween we started a new tradition. Something I read about the morning of Halloween on Healthy Child’s Blog, the Swtich Witch, an idea from Healthy Happy Tot. We had Piper leave her basket of candy out by the fireplace, and the told her the Switch Witch would be visiting. She would switch out the candy for a special present. Piper could not have been happier with this idea, and the next morning when she saw her new Sophia princess dress, she was overjoyed. This made me so happy, and I love this new tradition. I know that this is a controversial topic, and I know there is not one right way to do things, but this just really works for us, and I hope it will inspire other families to do the same. I made us a batch of raw, sugar-free chocolate peanut butter cups to enjoy Halloween night, which were such a fabulous treat. You can find the recipes here. ¬†For families that might not want to give out candy, but also don’t want to be the house with the raisins, why not try little tiny toys. You can buy toys like this in bulk for very inexpensive. Or why not try UnReal candy, I just discovered over on Style Me Pretty Living the other day! Happy Mom Monday my friends.



Mom Monday {Smitten with Yaya Lala}


Happy Mom Monday my friends! We had such a great time with family. I have to say, staying somewhere with no internet or phone access for days was quite liberating. Not something I am used to but it really makes you decompress and focus on the now. With that said, it’s good to be back in the swing of things. Today I have a treat for you. Something I am completely smitten with lately, these gorgeous shoes by Yaya Lala. I mean the details and craftsmanship are to die for!! Hope you enjoy!! xoxo


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