Mom Monday {Food Quick Tip #101}

I get asked A LOT for tips on how to get your kids to eat their food. So here is a new series I am starting. Quick, easy tips that will get your kids excited about the healthy food you feed them. First up, my secret weapon = Frozen Organic Blueberries. Mix these in plain […]

Mom Monday {Ideas to steal, Kids Bday}

Here are 5 ideas to steal for your the next birthday party you are planning. Strawberry Almond Milk!!! Yes yes yes. Perfection Craft station for the kids to make their own mini artwork. With the tape already on the canvases, this makes for instant geometric master pieces. Pin the Horn on the unicorn! Brilliant Instax […]

Mom Monday {Falafel Bites}

I made these super easy Falafel bites the other day and Piper literally licked her plate and mine! When this happens I find the need to share. These were super quick to make, these ingredients are things you may already have in your kitchen, and your whole family will enjoy them. I tried sticks and […]

Mom Monday {The Switch Witch}

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I love the costumes, and the act of trick or treating with the little ones is loads of fun. But the candy itself just feels so wrong to me. Filled with all the things we, as a family, try to avoid, chemicals, GMO’s, yucky non-food […]

Mom Monday {Smitten with Yaya Lala}

Happy Mom Monday my friends! We had such a great time with family. I have to say, staying somewhere with no internet or phone access for days was quite liberating. Not something I am used to but it really makes you decompress and focus on the now. With that said, it’s good to be back […]

Mom Monday {lunchbox round-up}

With school starting soon I thought it would be fun to share a few lunchbox finds I have been collecting. I love how these are all eco-friendly, and the bento versions really help promote a healthy, well-balanced meal. Enjoy! 1 Reusable bamboo spoon and fork in one!! 2¬†Waste Free lunch kit 3¬†Leak-proof cooler bag/lunch box […]

In the Kitchen {easy tomato snacks}

One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is my food dehydrator. I do most of my dehydrating in the spring and summer as the fruits are my favorite. Dried peaches…yum! I have been trying to do more veggies as well. My most recent veggie success are these delicious tomatoes. They are so super easy too! Start […]

In the Kitchen {easy summer salad}

I whipped up this gorgeous, delicious, healthy salad last night for us. Everyone loved it so much, I thought I had to share. It took all of maybe 5 minutes to prepare and I used local fresh organic produce.

Mom Monday {DIY Crown Bar}

For Piper’s 3rd birthday party we had a purple princess party. One of my favorite parts was the DIY crown bar. Inspired by the ever fabulous Bri of Design Love Fest, and her DIY crown post here, I decided to make a station for guests to decorate their own crowns to wear during the princess […]

Quote of the Day {remain children}

Quote of the day from Albert Einstein…