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Mom Monday {kids party ideas}


Happy Mom Monday my friends! As I start my master plan for Piper’s 7th birthday…7!!! aaah!!, I thought I would share some of my favorite stealworthy ideas for your kids next party. The first one is actually from little Greyson’s first birthday party we had this past November. I created a Chewbead Necklace bar where guests could choose from a variety of different teething beads for their creations. This was such a huge hit, guests kept going back for more, creating bracelets, necklaces for themselves, key chains, it was so much fun!! I also LOVE this idea of a punch pinata. So adorable! Lawn games are always a fun addition to any party since everyone from the kids to the adults enjoy them. I love this milk and cookies themed board. I am a big fan of flower crowns, and fairy inspired crowns, so naturally this crown wall is a win win! I just love the simple but wow-factor idea of creating a balloon wall like this heart one.


Whimsy Party Inspirations


I have these daydreams of having a party inspired by things like The Black Apple and a magical fairy land. I love this vibe for a shower or birthday party! There are endless possibilities for details.


Mom Monday {Frozen Party Inspirations}


Piper is turning 4 next month! 4!! I cannot believe it. With that being said, like most little girls right now, she is requesting a Frozen themed birthday party. Shocker I know. Here are a few inspriations I have so far…Invitations, think silver foil and bright blue paper…This is going to be fun!


1. What a great alternative to the synthetic main stream princess wigs they sell. This is so adorable, with the crown attached and everything!

2. Love this vintage inspired Arendelle poster

3. Diamond Ice bracelet favors

4. And of course snowflakes!

Mom Monday {birthdays}


Well I cannot believe I am thinking about Piper’s 3rd birthday! She will turn 3 in June, so it is just around the corner. For her first birthday I had the amazing talents of my dear friend Casey, and owner of The Flouring Artisans. Casey created the most amazing dessert table and delicious sugar-less cake for Piper. The party was bright orange and pinks with giraffes.


For her second birthday Andrea Patricia Photography captured the most amazing photos of the Neon Pink + gold party.


So now, 3. I would love to try and do something a bit less involved…is that possible for me? I am not sure. I would love to hear your thoughts on birthday parties. Do you go over the top every year or just make it once every few years? Piper’s favorite thing right now definitely is Cinderella and the princesses. How can I do that but still make it a bit more casual? Chime in below.. I would love to know your ideas!! Happy Mom Monday.


Behind the Scenes {Piper's party}


As promised, here is the start of the behind the scenes look at Piper’s birthday party, and how you can “Steal the look”.

I got the idea for these adorable wooden bead necklaces from here. This neon pink rope, available at most hardware stores, made the perfect string! I  ended up painting 2 coats of pink to make the pink more opaque, as well as a gold paint + sparkle gold. The necklaces were such a hit, that not only were the kids wearing them, but the adults were wearing them too!

The photo-booth was such a big hit, and I must say that it was largely due to the fabulous back drop from Drop it Modern. I filled a bucket with some silly props like boas, necklaces, funny glasses etc. Guests had such a great time posing for the camera and getting dressed up. If you can’t afford to get a professional back drop try hanging a piece of vintage fabric or fabric from a fabric store as a back drop. It’s such a fun activity for guests, children and adults alike!

Photography: Andrea Patricia Photography

Inspiration to go {gold glitter}


I am completely smitten with all that glitters, and this pile of gold glitter was just too pretty. This is a little peek into the crafty projects I have going on in preparation for Piper’s birthday. Stay tuned…


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Mom Monday {Real Party, Fairy House Decorating}


When I stumbled across this party by Princess Sharon, I about fell over in my chair…first off I am a huge fan of craft parties. But this…? well let’s just say it involves crafting, glitter and fairies.

Each girl dressed up as a fairy, and then got to decorate their very own fairy house!! I mean come on!? The houses were actually simple bird houses found at Michaels. Then Princess Sharon suggests either giving each girl a bowl of her own decorations, or scattering the glittery items down the center of the table for a great centerpiece!

Some ideas that Princess Sharon gave us for decorating include :  tiny polymer mushrooms, feathers, buttons, sequins, ‘fairy books’ (printed tiny pages with writing on them), leaves, acorns, small pinecones, shells, moss…

I love Princess Sharon’s perspective on this craft ” it fosters the child’s creativity and excitement…enable each individual child to come up with something totally unique and inviting for their little fairy, who is sure to visit in the night if they leave their fairy house out! “. She also offers edible crafts, similar to gingerbread house making but fairy houses, or even pirate ships! How great is that?

Event planning & designer cupcakes : Princess Sharon // Photography: Thea Coughlin   //  Venue: Upstairs on the Square, Cambridge

Mom Monday {moroccan inspired}


I am working on a project right now and it is all about moroccan baby inspired. Here are a few images I put together for the client. I really love this look for a nursery or even a party theme. How fun would that be!?

Images from the top via {gorgeous moroccan tea glasses; the room that inspired it all!; lantern; hammock dream; a pink pouf of course!}

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