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Announcing the arrival of….


We are all over the moon excited about the arrival of Emily’s sweet baby girl, Haddie Aveline. Here are a few pics of our new addition to the Wiley Valentine family.


One of the most special things about when Haddie was born, is that she shares a birthday with Emily’s late beloved father. It just felt like such a gift to have them share this connection. The top photo above Emily wrapped sweet Haddie in one of her father’s old flannel shirts. So precious. Mom & baby are doing great! We are all smitten!!

Behind the Scenes {signature cocktail recipe}


At parties, and baby showers especially I really like to offer one signature cocktail giving guests the option of adding alcohol if they like. This keeps things simple, and keeps the guests that don’t drink in mind while still offering a great signature drink for all. For Emily’s baby shower we served a pale pink drink I dubbed “Baby’s blush tonic”. A mixture of pink lemonade, sparkling water and honey with a splash of gin for those that wanted a bit of a kick. The drinks were a huge hit!


We served the drinks in these great bottles, from Specialty Bottles.


The drinks were very simple to make and are absolutely delicous! I hope you enjoy! Cheers.

Mom Monday {The Stitch Farm}


This post is very dear to my heart. I am so proud to share with you this beautiful work from Barbara of The Stitch Farm, who also happens to be my amazing mother. The idea started for her when she wanted to make something for sweet Piper. She had a lot of old cashmere sweaters that were out of style, or had holes in them…and the idea for the Stitch Farm was born. She began by making these adorable bunnies, that are so soft and cuddly.


The collection has grown to include tiny piglets, gorgeous ballerina pillows made with vintage napkins. My personal favorite though is the Sentiment collection where you can send in your old sweater, or the sweater of a loved one, and she can custom create bunnies or pillows so you never have to part with that sweater.


These tiny piglets fit in the palm of your hand and are just about the cutest thing!


Her Signature Bunnies are so soft and adorable.


Her newest items are these gorgeous ballerina pillows made from vintage cashmere and vintage napkins! They would make the perfect addition to a little girls nursery or little girls room don’t you think!?


One of my favorite things about her creations is that each one arrives in a handmade pouch made from upcycled clothing or bedding!


You can see the entire Stitch Farm collection right here!

**branding & photography by Wiley Valentine


Mom Monday {real nursery}


When this adorable nursery landed in my inbox I about fell over! No one does a nursery like the amazing girls of Sissy + Marley and little Baby Finn’s nursery is no exception. The gorgeous photos are by Marco Ricca. I LOVE how they incorporate animals in such a subtle, and chic way. Bravo ladies! They have so kindly included sources for all the elements in the nursery so you can recreate a similar look for your own little one! Happy Mom Monday my friends!


GET THE LOOK: Little Darlings Baby Monkey, Baby Giraffe, Lamb, Lion Cub, White Tiger and Bear Cub from The Animal Print Shop // Short Drum Pendant in Gray Felt from West Elm  //  Owl in Tree and Bear Cave Pocket Pillows from Coral & Tusk  // Giraffe Sconce from Jonathan Adler  //  Zuny Giraffe  //  Stokke Sleepi Crib in Cherry  //  Red Panda Champ Artwork from Coral & Tusk  //  Owl Pocket Doll from Coral & Tusk  //  Wooden Mushrooms  //  Eames Molded Plastic Armchair Rocker  //  Olin Grey Rug 8′x10′ from Crate & Barrel  //  Grey Variegated Pouf from The Land of Nod  //  6 Cubby Shelf from Sprout  //  Cubby Bins  //  Elephant Family  //  Manhattan Toy Natural Skwish Rattle  //  Giraffe Nightlight from Jonathan Adler  //  Alpaca Giraffe  //  Toy Box from Sprout  //  Dachshund Pull Toy  //  Stump from Kalon Studios  //  Stacking Flame  //  Maileg Fox

Mom Monday {DIY mobile baby shower craft}


I first spotted this gorgeous shower over on On To Baby. I asked the amazingly talented Ashley of Weeno Photography if she might share a bit more of the amazing DIY mobile craft station she created for the shower.

She credits this book by Chronicle Books, as the source for the gorgeous designed mobiles and easy instructions. Ashley and the expectant mother’s sister Kellen, prepared little packages of instructions and paper so guests could easily choose which mobile they wanted to help create. 

What a clever idea, and I agree with Ashley, a craft is so much more fun then the “guess the poop” game don’t you think!?


Mom Monday {hot list}


These are the items that are on top of my hot list lately. As you can see some of these are really hard to resist!

Something I have been coveting for a while are these custom portraits by Tuesday Mourning. You send in a photo for reference. I would LOVE to have one of these of my little Piper. So fabulous!

This gorgeously designed non-gumball, gumball machine is pure genius if you ask me.

I adore these felt animal masks by BHB Kids Style.

These Le Petit Tom moccasins, I mean could you die!?

Happy Mom Monday my darlings!

Mom Monday {summer essentials}


With summer in full swing, and trips to the pool becoming more regular, I thought I would share with you my summer essentials for Piper. Most are things that are tried and true, a few are things I am dying to try.

1.With sunblock being the new hot topic for “is it safe for my kids”, the Honest Company is my sunblock of choice. I know I can trust the safety of the product. Piper’s has super sensitive skin and the fact that she has no reaction to it is huge!

2. Sunglasses, or sunnies as we like to call them, not only protect Piper’s eyes, but they have a super glam look that she seems to really love. LOL!

3. This is something I have not tried but am dying to. Anyone out there use reusable swim diapers? I am so over buying the cheesy looking, expensive swim diapers, and these seem so fabulous. Eco-friendly AND stylish=perfection!

4. Flip flops are my shoes of choice when going to the beach or the pool. These adorable ones from Old Navy are 2 for $5 which makes a lost shoe much less painful. Plus, how cute are they? Piper has a few pairs and loves them. The ankle strap helps keep them on.

5. Between the heat and the chlorine, Piper’s sensitive skin seems to flair up a ton right now. This all natural, organic ointment from Mother Love is amazing. I wish I knew about it when she was a baby too. It works miracles.

6. I blogged about the amazing pops I made with my new Zoku popsicle maker the other week. It has now officially been put on my must haves. It’s so great! Perfect for the hot summer days.