Mom Monday {Best Almond Milk EVER!}

Ok so Piper and I have a new obsession lately. It’s this milk we have been making together. It’s not technically just an Almond Milk, but for lack of a better name (I am open to suggestions), we have named it the best Almond Milk EVER! There are several secret ingredients which include dates and […]

Mom Monday {Frozen}

I went to write this post and all I could think of was sharing with you what my house is consumed with lately. It’s the movie Frozen. If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it (even if you don’t have kids). After seeing the movie (twice) Piper and I now spend our spare time […]

Mom Monday {Arnhem Child}

If you have been visiting here recently it’s no secret that I am completely smitten with all things Arnhem. So when they recently launched a kids line, I about fell over when I saw it. These are just about the cutest, most stylish, most adorable little bits of fashion for the tiny ones…I am obsessed! […]

Mom Monday {vegan egg nog}

I have to admit I love myself some egg nog. So when I accidentally created this vegan, sugar free version I was overjoyed with how delicious it turned out. It’s super easy, and oh so delicious. YOU WILL NEED: 1 cup of raw organic cashews (or almonds), soaked in water for 2 hours – overnight […]

Mom Monday {Holiday Gift Guide}

Let the holiday gift guides begin. First up, my picks for that toddler, girly girl in your life. These are all Piper approved. Backpack with angel wings!!  //  Mini Melissa kitty cat shoes  //  Box of Eco-Crafts  //  Sofia the First, Holiday in Enchancia  //  Pretty pink crown ***Also don’t forget today we are celebrating […]

Mom Monday {super easy zucchini chips}

I was looking at the huge pile of zucchinis we had from our CSA basket, thinking what can I do with these that everyone would just love? I came up with these super easy zucchini chips. They are so simple, and so delicious. They work for a snack, for an appetizer when you are having […]

Mom Monday {A starry holiday}

I really can’t get enough of stars lately, and these star inspired tiny fashions are so perfect for the holidays don’t you think1? Shop the look ::  1   2  3  4  5  6  7  8

Mom Monday {Dylan’s Nursery}

I cannot get enough of the amazing work that Sissy + Marley do. So when this new nursery landed in my inbox I could not wait to share it with you guys. The warm grey and tangerine color palette, and jungle animal vibe is pure perfection. As usual, Sissy + Marley incorporates chic touches of […]

Mom Monday {The Switch Witch}

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I love the costumes, and the act of trick or treating with the little ones is loads of fun. But the candy itself just feels so wrong to me. Filled with all the things we, as a family, try to avoid, chemicals, GMO’s, yucky non-food […]

Mom Monday {Super Quick Lentil Salad}

I was talking to my girlfriends this weekend about make ahead dinner ideas, and this is one of my favorites. Now that you have mastered the perfect lentils, here is a super quick easy recipe for you to make the best lentil salad. The best thing about this salad, is that you can really just […]