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Cooking Play date


The other weekend I got together with the adorable Melody of the infamous Sweet and Saucy and the completely addicting @lifeonloma. We both share a love for cooking as well as healthy good food so we decided to plan a cooking date. The husbands hung out and watched the kids while we cooked and visited. We had such a fabulous time and it was such a fun way to get together! We were both so intrigued by the idea of sweet potato toast and decided to try our hand at it. The overall result was fabulous and you literally just put raw thin slices of sweet potato in a toaster on high and voila! Super cool.  I will say if you are planning on making a lot of these however, a 2 slot toaster is not the most efficient. Making it a “make your own toast bar” style was super fun, and great for the kids to get involved as well. Things like tahini and goji berries, roasted red peppers, goat cheese and roasted garlic, or vegan mayo with sliced turkey were fun toppings, not to mention a killer beet salad Melody picked up at Whole Foods. To see our original inspiration check this out on Nutrition Stripped. Melody also whipped up her go to Kale salad inspired by this one from True Foods and it is to die for! Seriously. Of course our cooking date wasn’t complete without a little dessert. I had made these Vanilla Caramel Coconut raw donut holes before, recipe from This Rawsome Vegan Life. They were super easy and so good so we decided to make them together. Of course the being the dessert queen that she is, Melody caramelized the glaze a bit longer to create  crispy caramel like shell that was to die for! I need to try and recreate that this weekend when I make these for Greyson’s first birthday party. Wish me luck!

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