A Disney Birthday!

Well we had such a great day yesterday I just HAD to share…We took Piper to Disneyland for the first time for her birthday (incidentally, my husbands first time as well). I was a little unsure how she might respond to all the action, the live characters, and the rides.

We took Piper on the Dumbo ride first and, to our surprise, she absolutely loved it! After each ride we went on she would say “More, More”. Too cute!

So the best part of the day was truly unexpected. Being a girly girl at heart, I could not wait to introduce Piper to the princesses. We waited on line patiently for 70 minutes (yikes!). We finally made it in to meet them…she was ok with them. But not overly impressed turns out.

We stumbled across Sulley from Monsters Inc., and guess who fell in love…? We were hysterical! It really made the day, seeing her face light up, and get so excited to meet him. Overall the day was a success, she powered through with no nap, went on Alice in Wonderland, Little Mermaid (among others) and had a blast! What a memory we made!

6 Responses to “A Disney Birthday!”

  1. He he he I am sure that you were also enjoying the time there ;-)

    By the wayI love watching your blog, and I really adore stories and pic. with your daughter!

    Greatings from here :-)

  2. Oh my goodness, Piper is so adorable! Of course she would love blue monsters :)

  3. That is just tooo cute! Now, I feel better admitting I love Cinderella and Belle; but, Speed McQueen & Mater sort of get me going too! I think it’s great that Piper & Sulley are pals!

  4. So darling! Piper is gorgeous just like her mama. I love that she was a bigger fan of the blue monster than the princesses!

  5. They look like the real characters in the movie, the blue monster (James P. Sullivan) and the little girl calling him kitty….. so sweet!

  6. Well he is BLUE! What did you expect? LOL Love her, love the pics. Glad you had a blast. :-)

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