Jessica Hische Planner Pretty!

I was so excited to receive my new day planner designed by the brilliant Jessica Hische.

I love all the inspiring quotes, and the “start any time” format of the calendar. I love all the sketch book pages at the end!! So excited to dive in!

Thank you to my sweet friend Megan for spotting such a great find!!

5 Responses to “Jessica Hische Planner Pretty!”

  1. oh wow! Thanks for sharing. I have the “Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind.” design as my desktop image. Love Jessica Hische!

  2. i just read your post and IMMEDIATELY started breathing heavily and smiling excessively! ive been on the hunt for the perfect day planner for the upcoming year and all have been completely lacking personality and pizzaz. im thrilled!! thank you soo much for sharing!

  3. [...] week I enjoyed seeing this lovely planner by Jessica Hische on Wiley Valentine’s blog. I’m a huge fan of Jessica’s amazing typographic skills [...]

  4. That is probably the prettiest diary I have ever seen. I need it!

  5. Im weak with how beautiful it is – thank you pinterest ;-)

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