Quote of the day {life is a dance}

So I just watched my first Super Soul Sunday on the Own network with Arianna Huffington and it was amazing. I am totally hooked on the show. Something really amazing happened while I watched that episode. The oh so amazing and inspiring Hollye Jacobs was featured with a beautiful segment about her book, The Silver Lining, with Elizabeth Messina. Then as I was watching the screen, Oprah put a still of Hollye’s website I designed!! I almost fell over in my chair I kid you not. I even took a photo of my television. I know, totally nerding out, but I just thought I would share. Such a cool moment for me. Anyway this quote from Arianna on that episode really stuck with me…


  • I saw that Super Soul Sunday too. I love that show and the same quote spoke to me as well. I also wanted to mention that I saw your work in Martha Stewart Living. Such a gorgeous invitation. Congrats and great work!

    • Wiley Valentine

      Thanks so much Trish!