Mom Monday {food for thought}

As some of my tweeps might know I spend my mornings on my way into the office listening to TED talks. I recently listened to Jamie Oliver‘s talk and was so moved, and inspired to do something I had to share.


Jamie spoke a lot of about creating family traditions around food and eating in the home. Here are some ideas I had (some inspired by my own childhood). I think picnics are a fabulous tradition. I have such great memories of having family picnics as a child. We would shop for the food together, cook together, and then pick a special spot to enjoy our goodies. We also used to have a night a week where each person was the “chef” for the night. We could cook whatever we wanted, and I really got into it, making menus for everyone. I also think growing vegetables and herbs would create such a fun project for the family and definitely educate everyone about food. Lastly, I think farmers markets are such a fun thing, and a great way to support your local farmers. I really hope you will watch Jamie’s talk below and take some form of action in your life.

Please take a few minutes to watch Jamie’s powerful speech, it’s such an important message.

Jamie Oliver’s TED award speech

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  • Amanda

    You’re absolutely wright, WV! I love Jamie Oliver and what he’s been trying to do in America. I now live abroad in the UK and get to watch tons of Jamie related shows. Everything you mentioned is what is really lacking in many American homes! My youth wasn’t spent with picnics, chef night, grow your own or family outings to farmer’s markets. I have been determined to ensure my child’s upbringing is the opposite! My daughter is 3 and we involve her in (safe) bit of cooking meals, planting and going to our local market.

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