Sunny Afternoon

Here is a visual of my mood lately…


From the top, this darling flea market print from ¬†Skippy Designs etsy shop. I am completely smitten with this outdoor entertaining area…sigh! via Mary Ruffle. I adore vintage tins and vintage bottles, and this photo via Piewacket is perfect! This shot of vintage furniture with rubber boots atop the dresser is adorable! I love the color palette…so spring! via Mary Ruffle.


How adorable is this miniature bouquet held in the palm of ones hand! Too cute…imagine these as favors at a shower!? via Mary Ruffle. And these last divine photos of a picnic out of the back of a vintage VW bug in the midst of a field is maybe my favorite thing ever! How I wish that’s what I was doing right now! Photos by the amazing Simon Bevan.

  • wow, i love the way destiny plays games with you in this way. just these past few days i was realizing exactly what the quote you posted says. we all tend to fall in slumps every now and then, but today, visiting your blog put a great big smile on my face. Thanks!

    ~ Lizelly

  • Oh this is the sweetest post! I absolutely love the mini bouquet!