Branding Crush {Moomah}

I first spotted this amazing branding over at Unruly Things (a fabulous blog read FYI). The company behind this design genius for Moomah is Apartment One. The whimsical style of this branding is so brilliant! It’s completely reflective of a child’s imagination which is a perfect match for Moomah, a café/art studio for kids + adults. I love the concept of this place, a sustainable café offering fun organic food, an environment that promotes creativity, and a place for kids + adults to explore their imagination. Sign me up!


I am a huge fan of multiple logos, like the three above. I also love that all the printed pieces go together cohesively but are all different. Nothing is too matchy matchy. I would love to apply this concept to some funky wedding invitations! I love the child at heart feel and the whimsical vibe.


If these photos of the actual space don’t make you want to get in a car/plane/train and head over immediately I don’t know what does! I am completely smitten with this place and am dying to take one of their adult classes like the knitting workshop! I also love that they have DIT classes (do it together) for kids and parents to do together. How adorable! Thanks Unruly Things for introducing me to such a gem!

  • lauren

    I love the cute logos; and the shop is so bright and inviting! I want them to make ceramic mugs with their cute logos on them–how cute would those be!

  • Oh my! What a gorgeous shop. Wish they were in SF!

  • I am COMPLETELY smitten as well. It’s whimsical x 10 {and such a creative playground for kids!} I agree with you – the multiple {yet coordinating} logos do a wonderful job at capturing the brand. What a great find! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Courtney Cook

    I volunteer my wedding to be your wedding that you do not do all matchy matchy!!!

    • Wiley Valentine

      You got it! Done deal! 😉

  • oh my, that place looks divine.